Thursday, November 24, 2011

South Beach Diet Plan

The followers of south beach diet plan can have a healthy and balanced body in a very short period of time.

"South beach diet plan is one of the famous diet plans in history. This diet plan is undoubtedly very effective and result oriented because it tells to distinguish in good and bad food. The south beach diet plan has a wide range of food to eat that's why people easily adopt this diet plan and easily get success in loosen their weight."

The first resource for getting strongness in body is sugar and glucose. Starch absorbs sugar from body very quickly. Drinks are the best example of this, they provide quick and extreme strongness but it is not for long time because it includes plenty of glucose. The basic concept of south beach diet plan is that when the initial resource (starch) for getting strongness is reduced then body starts to use fat for fulfilling its requirement.

South beach diet is the result of the research of Dr Arthur argatston. Being a heart specialist he was searching a diet plan that protects heart also. but he failed to search. Then he decided to advice his own diet plan i.e. south beach diet plan. According to Dr. Arthur argatston " After 12 weeks continue study on 40 fatty person who adopt south beach diet plan we realize that by this diet plan almost 3.6 pond weight can be reduced.

South beach diet plan is more effective plan for reducing weight with health than other diet plans. In this diet plan the person can take fruits as well as wheat bread but other diet plans do not allow to eat this kind of meals. South beach diet is more balanced than other low fat meals. This diet plan does not focus only on choosing low fat foods but also focus on finding the food that effects on diabetes of blood and that is the only thing which gives superiority to this diet plan over others.

South beach diet plan is divided into three phases. In every phase there is a slightly change in meal that's why the person doing this diet reduces his weight quickly.

It is fact that no one can do dieting always effectively that's why most of the diets are failed. In this diet plan only first phase and last two weeks are difficult.

South beach diet plan phase I

This phase of south beach diet plan consists of two weeks and it is the most difficult phase of this diet plan. South beach diet never ask for leaving food, the followers of this diet plan can eat food 6 different times a day. The normal quantity of protein can be eaten but not more than this. Next 14 days bread, rice, potato, pasta, baked foods, fruits, lever of cow, chicken wings and legs, cheese, carrot, barley, maize, white potato, sugar beet, fruit juices, cereals, milk, curd could not be eaten. The things which you can eat in first phase of south beach diet plan are chicken without skin, chest pieces of chicken, every kind of fish, cutlets of calf meat, cottage cheese, cream cheese, American cheese, peanut, pistachio, walnut, egg, chocolate powder without sugar, coco powder and all sugar free meal. During this phase 75 calories can be eaten in a day for sweets.

South beach diet plan phase II

This phase can be called as "The plan of eating more freely". In this phase of south beach diet plan bread and fruits can be a part of your meal. The speed of reducing weight is relatively less in this phase as compare to phase I.

Remember one thing that the purpose of south beach diet plan is not only to give attraction to body figure but also to take care of health. That's why if you feel that the weight is increasing as compare to phase I. you do not need to worry, you can start first phase to reduce weight. The second phase of south beach diet plan is based on monitoring of weight and stoppage of meal full of starch.

In second phase of this diet plan apple, blue berries, grapes, mango, plum, orange, milk, pasta, brown rice, cereal, sugar beet, pudding but not oily and chocolate with low sugar can be eaten including all the meal of first phase of this diet plan.

South beach diet plan phase III

This third phase of diet plan known as "Making a comfortable life". This phase is a very important step towards making the life comfortable.

All the phases of south beach diet plan can easily give you a healthy and balanced figure but true desire and passion is very necessary for completing this diet plan.
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