Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hairstyles for Round Face Shapes What Hair Styles Will Suit your Round Face Best

If you are like many women out there and have been gifted a round face, there are specific hairstyles for round face shapes that will make you look more beautiful.

But before we proceed to give you hairstyle ideas, here's an important question...

Are you sure you have a round face?

To make sure that you are going to get your best look with these hairstyle tips, it's important that you first make sure you have a round face.

One simple way is to put your hair into a ponytail and go in front of the mirror. Then draw the outline of your face on the mirror with a lip stick around your face. Then step back and see what shape it is more similar to.

Here is a list of face shapes to help you see which one your face drawing is more similar to...

* Oval

* Round

* Long

* Heart

* Square

* Diamond

Another great technique to see if your face is really round is to ask other people like your friends or family members to guess your face shape. Since they will have an outsider's look, they can say more accurately.

OK, so now that you are sure you have a round face, let's see what kind of hair style will look best on you...

The best hairstyles that will look good on you are those that add length to your face.

A long straight hair is a good idea because long hair will make your face look longer, and since it's straight it will make your head width show less.

So what if your hair is not straight and it's curly?

Then a long hairstyle will still look good on you. You may want to use a hair straightener like the popular Sedu flat iron to make your hair straight sometimes.

Here you can see some beautiful Sedu hairstyles for straight hair.

Another good hairstyle idea that will look perfect on round faces is a long hairstyle with curly ends because it will add width to the bottom of your face and make the width disappear.

Also an easy way to find beautiful hairstyles for round face is to see which celebrity has a round face and then search for that celebrity's hairstyles pictures.

Since celebrities frequently try different hairstyles, you can easily find a collection of good round face hairstyles this way. You can see which hair styles fits her face most and then try it on yourself.

But at the end, remember it's YOU and only you who decides which hairstyle you feel most comfortable in, and that it the hairstyle that will also look most beautiful on you.

If you like a hairstyle that doesn't fit the rules outlined here, it doesn't matter. Because when you like your hairstyle and feel good in it, all the rest goes away because this confidence and inner beauty will shine through your face and you will look more beautiful than ever.

Wish you the best of luck in choosing your hair style!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Home Remedies To Prevent Cough

With the approaching winters, cold and cough could get really annoying while you are trying to make the most productive of your day. A dripping nose or several sneezes of dry cough would be the last thing you want while you are delivering an important presentation at office or while you are involved in an extremely important meeting which could be a milestone for your career. Being prepared with preventive measures for such problems could be a smarter way to keep your health in check while you head to the other important tasks.
Understanding the root cause of cough and cold will allow a deeper analysis of ways to cure or prevent it. Cold and cough are generally caused due a set of rhino-viruses that infect the cells lining the nose and then begin to reproduce. A weak immune system gives such viruses, a chance to attack the body and create a mess. However, cough and cold are generally known to cure by itself within a week. It does not require a horde of modern medicines that do more harm to your body than good. But, spending a week with cold and cough could also be quite annoying when that one week is crucial for your professional growth. Hence, it is better to undertake preventive measures through a few home remedies that are safe and effective.
We Indians are blessed with several home remedies to cure cough which include, having a cup of warm natural tea with squirted lemon and a spoon of honey. Honey coats the irritated throat and reduces the cough. Besides, chewing a small piece of fresh ginger is also very effective to fight cough. It will slowly reduce the impulse to cough. However, the master of all home remedies for cough is ‘Cod Liver Oil'. Its medicinal properties have been used since generations for various ailments. Even today researchers keep on discovering newer traits of this oil that can be used to treat various sicknesses and diseases.
Cod liver oil comprises rich quantities of Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Omega 3 fatty acids EPA & DHA. Omega 3 is said to assist in giving relief from a consistent cold and cough by fighting those rhino-viruses, while vitamin A not only helps in maintaining a healthy overall growth but also contributes in strengthening the immune system. With a strong immune system, cold and cough will be distant relatives and even if they visit you once in a while, cod liver all does all that it takes to fight them off and bid them a farewell soon enough.
With the help of modern advancements, this oil is now available as a supplement that has been refined from its crude form, while retaining all its healing properties. Cod liver oil is made available in the form of liquid as well as soluble capsules. It is easy to consume and leaves your body in the fittest state to fight all the viruses causing cold and cough. This oil is also known for its miraculous properties of healing many major life threatening diseases. So in case of cold and cough, you can rely on this natural home remedy blindly, but obviously avoiding an overdose of it!
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eating food rich in vitamins and minerals may impact perceived hunger levels

The importance of eating a high-quality, healthy, nutrient dense diet when trying to lose weight or restrict calorie intakes. Now new research (1) has established that eating this type of nutrient dense diet, full of vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) is going to influence hunger and satiety.

The research (1) was placed in order to analyse the alterations in experience and perception of hunger pre and post individuals changed using their usual diet to some high nutrient density diet.

The research is important since hunger may cause people to overeat and consume more calories than their health require, hence resulting in overweight and obesity with time.

The research involved over 700 participants who had changed their dietary habits from the low micronutrient diet i.e. one which was Food in vitamins and minerals, to some high micronutrient diet. Participants completed market research rating various size of hunger (physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, and placement) when on the previous usual diet versus our prime micronutrient density diet. Highly significant differences put together between the two diets with regards to all emotional and physical symptoms along with the location of hunger (1). Hunger wasn't an unpleasant experience during the high nutrient density diet, was well tolerated and occurred with less frequency even if meals were skipped. Nearly 80% of respondents reported their experience of hunger had changed since starting our prime nutrient density diet, with 51% reporting a dramatic or complete alternation in their connection with hunger.

"A high micronutrient density diet mitigates the unpleasant facets of the experience of hunger though it may be lower in calories. Hunger is among the major impediments to successful weight loss. Our findings claim that it is not this is the caloric content, but more to the point, the micronutrient density of the diet that influences the expertise of hunger. It would appear that a high nutrient density diet, after a preliminary phase of adjustment where a person experiences "toxic hunger" because of withdrawal from pro-inflammatory foods, can lead to a sustainable eating pattern leading to weight loss and improved health. A higher nutrient density diet provides benefits for long-term health in addition to weight loss. Because our findings have important implications within the global effort to manage rates of obesity and related chronic diseases, further research is needed to confirm these preliminary results".

Satiety and hunger are relying on many different factors. In relation to nutrition and satiety I've previously written about the result of fibre, prebiotics, probiotics, cinnamon, omega-3 fatty acids and low GI foods as well as their impact on satiety.

The nutrient excellence of the food we eat is essential since a top quality diet will give you the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (bioactive plant nutrients) which are essential for our overall health and wellbeing. Minerals and vitamins are essential for that efficient functioning from the body, such as the brain. Eating enough vegetables, fruits, beans/pulses, wholegrains, unprocessed meats/fish, seeds and nuts is a good method to ensure adequate intakes of minerals and vitamins. These kinds of foods are nutrient dense.

Supplements will not be considered as an alternative choice to a healthy diet, if however you are not regularly consuming vegetables, fruits along with other nutrient dense foods you might like to check with your physician about the suitability of the daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement food, along with an omega-3 fatty acid supplement, to maintain any shortfalls.
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