Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Loss of hearing

The ear is the organ that detects sound. It receives sound and also helps in body position and balance. Sound moves in waves of pressure and the ear receives this sound. It is the brain and central nervous system that actually ‘hears' that sound. The outer part of the ear is the one that receives the sound. The sound is amplified through the middle portion of the ear and the inner ear is full of liquid. The microscopic hairs in the inner ear release a chemical and the sound waves are transferred to the nerve impulses.

Hearing loss usually occurs after the age of twenty. It gets worse with time. It hardly leads to a case of total deafness. Hearing aids do not cure your hearing disabilities. They only help you to hear better by amplifying the sound that is received by the hearing aid.

Hearing loss may be of different degrees and so different hearing aids are required to suit different people, depending on the severity of their problem. Of course, these people cannot continue with their normal lives as they cannot hear properly. This causes a lot of stress in their lives because they have to strain to hear what is being said. They do not have to go through all this stress. They just need to visit an audiologist to assess the degree of their hearing loss. The audiologist will then prescribe the correct type of hearing aid for them. They will get consultations after the fitting is done, to make adjustments to the hearing aid.

Many people prefer to buy a Hearing Aid Online as it saves time. The orientation, adjustment and evaluation cannot be done if the hearing aid has been bought online. But many companies offer evaluation before the product is sold to them. There is a free online hearing test that is offered for all those who feel that they may have a hearing problem. An audiogram will be made. An accurate audiogram is essential for you to buy a hearing aid. After that, the patient can go ahead and purchase that hearing aid online.

Digital hearing aids are the best in technology available today. They have advanced signal processors. High intensity sounds are usually uncomfortable for the patient with hearing aids. This is not so with Digital hearing aids. Microphone noise is also reduced in this latest technology. There is greater listener satisfaction.
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