Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Practical Methods for Treating Hair Loss

How you respond to your hair loss will be dependent on what the cause is. Eating the right foods, in some cases, will help stop hair loss, and taking certain supplements will, also. In other cases, such as with genetic hair loss, a medical procedure such as a hair transplant might be the only effective solution. The rest of this article will help you learn the best approach in stopping your disappearing hair.
Many people give their hair rough treatments from day to day, as in the way they brush it, wash it and style it. This is probably not the sole cause of your hair loss, but it can make the problem worse. This is something to consider in every aspect of caring for your hair, from the way you brush it to how you dry it. Your hair follicles can be injured if you're constantly brushing it forcefully. Even the way you dry your hair can be a factor; blow drying it every day isn't the best practice. Try air drying your hair instead, which is much gentler. Your hair will also benefit if you minimize the number of chemicals you expose it to, so shop for all natural or organic shampoos and conditioners. Don't color your hair too often (if you do at all), and find coloring products that are natural and gentle on your hair. Being gentle with your hair can keep it healthier and may even help control hair loss. There are many contributing factors when it comes to hair loss, such as unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and abusing drugs. Besides having a harmful effect on the immune system, these practices will keep essential nutrients from being absorbed by the body. The environment with its pollution and other toxins, can be very harmful to your body. Some toxins are unavoidable, but whatever goes into your body as food or drink can be controlled. If you want to harm your hair, skin and nails, along with doing damage to your vital organs, then you will have to keep harmful substances from accumulating in your body.
There are a few Chinese herbs that have been shown to have a beneficial effect on the hair. These may help prevent hair loss, and may also keep your hair healthier and fuller as well. Dong Quai is an herb that is usually recommended for women, and can be helpful in a number of ways. DHT is a chemical that has been known to cause people to lose hair, and taking this herb with reduce the production of it. Another Chinese herb that's often recommended for the hair is He Shou Wu. This is reputed to keep the hair healthy and also prevent it from turning gray. An herb that is normally used as a tonic for the body is Ginseng, but your hair will also benefit by using it.
Try to remember that hair loss isn't the end of the world. Hair loss is the symptom of certain health problems, so it might be a warning for you to get a check up. In this case, it's a blessing in disguise, as it can help you take care of any medical issues that need your attention. There are many treatments for hair loss to choose from, and the previously mentioned tips are only a guideline for you to think about.
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