Thursday, May 9, 2013

Get Keratin Hair Treatment And Wake Up With Perfect Hair Every Day

We all know that we as human beings are different from each and every individual on this earth. This difference may be of language, culture, tradition, physical appearance or any other. When it comes to physical appearance, the greatest we find, lies in hair type and skin color. Some women have long while others have short, some have straight and silky while others have frizzy and curly, some have black, others have brown and there are a lot many differences. Due to all such differences, we always crave for something we do not have.
These days, latest fashion demands your hair to be straight, silky and soft. However, we all are not so lucky to have such hair. Even some have so frizzy, curly and unmanageable hair, which they always dream of having straight hair without putting in everyday efforts of straightening. To their rescue, there is a very effective solution available in the market today. This is keratin hair straightening treatment. This treatment involves application of keratin protein on hair which smoothens your hair strands and then the process is followed by hot iron straightening. The best part is the treatment gives you desired hair look for about three months.
People, generally have the misconception that these kinds of fur treatments often damage the hair. However, the case is different with keratin one. As keratin is the natural protein found in our hair, application of one will revive the hair smoothness and softness. The biggest cause of the hair damage is the loss of keratin protein from our hair. Therefore keratin hair treatment will work in favor of your hair.
There are different kinds of keratin hair straightening treatment; however, the best among all is the Brazilian blowout treatment. This treatment was evolved in Brazil but now quite popular in the Sydney. One can find a large number of certified salons helping people to get straight hair within hours. If you wish to learn about the process of kertain hair treatment sydney, you would be surprised to know that it includes just three simple steps:
  • Shampoo your hair: to prepare your hair for keratin hair treatment, they are washed with a keratin based shampoo to remove all dirt and dust.
  • Application of keratin: following this, Brazilian blowout keratin based solution is applied on the hair. During the process, hair is properly combed to distribute the solution to each strand. Once it is done, the hair is blow dried.
  • Sealing: now to seal the protein in your hair, hair stylist will flat iron your hair. This process takes a little time as it is done 8-10 times to seal the protein properly.
After all these three steps, you will get smooth and straight hair which will last for 4-5 months depending upon the number of shampooing. After 4-5 months, your natural curls will come back and straightening fades naturally.
The only precaution here is to choose the hair stylist wisely as he/she should be educated and certified in this hair treatment. Not doing so will put your hair on great risk.
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