Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to Stop Hair Fall – Simple Tips you Can Try at Home

Men and women alike, spend a good amount of time and money on their appearance. Everyone enjoys getting dressed for an occasion, pulling out all the stops and looking great. When you look great, you automatically feel great and this is reflected in your attitude, you strut around with a new sense of self confidence.
However, when you are aware of a flaw in your appearance, you become self-conscious, you lack confidence and this is evident to all those around you. Hair loss, is one such issue that has been haunting both men and women for years. When your hair starts to thin, you become extremely mindful of it and this brings about a change in your behaviour. Hence, it is very important to be aware of hair loss and take the necessary steps in order to reduce it. If need be, you can go for hair fall treatment in order to help stimulate growth.
If the primary signs are ignored, it could lead to premature baldness. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of hair fall and take a few steps to prevent it. Here are a few easy to do tips:
  • Vitamin Supplements
When you were a kid, your mother often told you to take vitamins. You always said you would take them, but never did. The fact of the matter is, these supplements are beneficial for both your body and your hair. Vitamin A works as an anti-oxidant, Vitamin E helps stimulate circulation and Vitamin B complex helps in the production of melanin. All of these vitamins help in hair fall control and can pay a part in strengthening your hair.
  • Lifestyle Changes
Your fast pace lifestyle could play a major role in the loss of hair. Making some simple changes in your diet could help control the problem. High protein food like fish, eggs and soy have been proven to help reduce hair loss. Decreasing the levels of stress and taking out a few moments of your day, to exercise will also help in minimizing hair loss.
  • Treatments
There are a number of natural treatments that can be done at home, which will leave your hair looking great. Massaging the roots of your hair with a little oil helps to increase circulation and thus, strengthens the hair follicles. The oils provide natural nutrients and vitamins, leaving the hair shiny and beautiful. Applying garlic, onion or ginger juice to the roots of your hair and leaving it overnight also helps in hair growth. Applying green tea brewed in water to your scalp, is also believed to reduce hair fall.
These are just a few changes that can be made, in your day to day life. A combination of all three processes will help to ensure your scalp in healthy and that hair fall is reduced, to the bare minimum. Incorporating even a few of these tips can help to minimize hair loss.
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