Thursday, November 29, 2012

Get Rid of Rough and Unhealthy Hair with Keratin Hair Treatment

Rough hair is difficult to manage and battling it can be frustrating and tiresome. Keratin hair treatment can smoothen, straighten and strengthen your hair; in fact, keratin is a protein that builds not only hair but also your skin and nails.
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If you have frizzy or damaged hair, keratin hair treatment is very effective. The proteins in the keratin smoothens hair cuticles which makes your hair smooth and shiny. If you are choosing a beauty salon treatment, ensure that the product is formaldehyde-free. The procedure takes a long time as your hair has to be first washed and blow-dried. Keratin is then combed through your hair sections with the help of a good straightening iron. The excess keratin is then washed off. After this wash, your hair should not be washed before 72 hours. The treatment is greatly beneficial to restore damaged hair; frizzy hair can also be straightened with the procedure. At-home applications include keratin-infused conditioners and shampoos that are not as expensive as salon treatments. But these do not last as long as treatment done in a beauty parlor.
Natural Hair Treatment for Damaged Hair
Rough and dry hair becomes frizzy and is difficult to manage. There are several factors that damage your hair; pollution and various weather conditions, heat styling and harmful chemicals and constant friction can all cause your hair to break. Natural hair treatment done at home can help to restore your dull and brittle hair. A simple home remedy is treatment with mayonnaise which contains eggs and is a natural conditioner. It moistens your hair and the oil in the mayonnaise seals the moisture in the hair cuticle. Massaging your hair with olive oil has a significant effect on rough hair; the vitamin E and antioxidants protect your hair from sunlight and humidity and makes it healthy. Avocado, coconut and almond oil protect the hair cuticles. Mashed banana is also an effective remedy for hair that has lost its sheen.
Hair Care for Keratin Treated Hair
Hair treatment with keratin is the easy way out to revive frizzy hair; it lasts for about four to six months. However, good care should be taken in order that the treated hair remains smooth and shiny. Keratin hair treatment treated hair should be kept away from water and even moisture for three full days. Hair should preferably be left loose to avoid leaving marks on it. To have lasting results, it is advisable to use shampoos that have neutral pH. Sleeping on cotton pillowcases will create hair friction; therefore, use soft silk pillowcases to sleep. Blow drying your hair is fine with keratin treated hair. However, it's not recommended to use gels, hair sprays, mousse and other such products. Instead, the use of flat irons or blow drying will help you to manage your hair well and manipulate the hair strands the way you want.
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