Friday, November 30, 2012

Hair Straighteners 101: Titanium Vs Ceramic Go Head to Head

There are so many hair straighteners out on the market today, but two of the most sought-out ones would be the titanium and the ceramic kinds. This is because both of them surpass quality standards. But hair straighteners are not created equal and so in order to find out which of these two will most likely suit you and your hair straightening demands, we put them head to head until we get to the very last detail. A lot of people like hair straighteners that are made of titanium.

Hair straighteners that are made of titanium are usually preferred by a lot of hair stylists and salons. This is because the metal plates that are attached to the clamps of these hair straighteners have the option to heat up right away. When it heats up, the user can save time because there is less of a waiting period for this kind of hair straighteners.

Ergo, salons usually have a better and more efficient time servicing their clients because they can accommodate more customers in less time. So when it comes to titanium hair straighteners this is what you should expect – professional results that only come from professionally designed hair straighteners. With this kind, you can be sure that it heats up pretty quickly. But the heat is distributed evenly so there will be no chances of you ending up scorching your head faster than you can say “Yelp!” if you do not get to act fast enough.

With this, you will need to know that precision and timing will come from you if you use these hair straighteners, but the results will be worth it. You get salon pretty and polished once you get the hand of it. The other kind of hair straighteners would be that of the ceramic ones. We usually know that ceramics are used to make decorative pans and plates – but this time, there is a new and improved version that many ladies around the world will surely appreciate.

As part of the plates in hair straighteners, ceramics provide the newbie hair stylist a great and easy way to start off with this routine. Ceramic plated hair straighteners usually provide off a gentle start of warm temperature which will eventually spread to a soft but hot feeling. With ceramic hair straighteners, the waiting time for the temperature to get higher is pretty longer than titanium hair straighteners, so not a lot of salons like to use it.

However, it is excellent for those who want a leisurely time styling their hair – or even for those who are unsure about the kind of look they are going after. Any avid user of hair straighteners might choose to go for the titanium kind because of the even distribution of heat and the professional looking results, thus eliminating any events of scorching either hair or scalp and sacrificing quality hair style. With a good quality titanium flat iron, you will surely end up with a hair straightener that will do wonders for your 'do!
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