Friday, November 30, 2012

Tips to Prevent Hair Loss and Grow Your Hair Faster

Are you wondering how to prevent hair loss and make your hair grow faster? We are what we eat? How fast hair grows in a month certainly has a bit to do with that. As a child, I have always been guided by my parents to eat healthier foods. The advice that our parents gave should hold true and should not be changed even as we grow older. The type of food that we eat could result in hair fall, or prop up healthier hair and growth; it all depends on what is taken on a daily basis. Healthy hair starts with healthy nutrition, simple and plain! In addition to using scientifically proven hair loss treatment products one must include the nutritional food in daily Diet. Some of them are as follows:

Whole grains

B complex vitamins are best known to aid in stimulating faster and better hair growth, the reason why it is included in the majority hair growth supplements. Grains are a rich source of zinc and iron.


Selenium is present in nuts, helps to promote a healthy scalp. How fast hair grows mainly depends on your scalp condition too, so keeping your scalp clean and free from flakes is beneficial for hair growth.


This 3 fatty acids rich fish is very rich in iron, protein and Vitamin B12. Hair to a large extent mainly depends on protein.


Eggs are very affordable solution to prevent hair loss in both men & women and to aid in hair growth. It is very rich in protein, biotin and B12, eggs can facilitate faster hair grow. Biotin is usually used in several hair growth products.

Green Vegetables

Eating Vitamin C and Vitamin A rich green vegetables, mainly darker ones, are good for maintaining a healthier hair condition.


Beans are also a good source of iron, zinc, protein and biotin. Eat your beans to grow your hair.

Make your hair grow even faster by eating the right kind of food. One should avoid foods that don't have the key vitamins and minerals that can provide you with a healthier mane. Hair loss and hair thinning mainly happen because of factors like sickness, genes, medication and many more. You can stimulate good blood circulation in your scalp with sufficient amount of Vitamin C.

If you are really worried about hair loss, start eating right. Ensure that your diet includes food which assists in hair growth. You can also go for hair loss treatment products for health and nourished hair.
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