Friday, December 7, 2012

Benefits of Eating Natural and Raw food

An organic raw food diet is a healthy and popular diet for those who want to boost their health and achieve a leaner body. Raw food diet is based on raw, uncooked and unprocessed fruits, seeds, raw nuts and vegetables. Raw foods can be cooked but must be kept under 118 degrees to avoid destroying enzymes in food. Consuming raw food is an excellent way to provide your body with all of the essential vitamins and enzymes that are usually destroyed with high cooking temperatures. Cooking changes the chemical structure of foods and diminishes their nutritious as well. Raw foods, as it is also called, is based on the fact that raw, natural plants are extremely beneficial for the organism and the proper functioning of the body. Raw food dietitians claim that approximately 75% of your daily diet should be composed of unprocessed raw food. A Raw food diet is not all about weight loss but more about enjoying the health benefits the diet will provide. Although some people may feel restricted others feel better, healthier and more energetic. The most important aspects of a raw food diet are: general health, detoxification and weight loss. Raw foods are simple and effective for boosting metabolic processes also with health and maintaining a lean body with a fresh mind. Unprocessed food means fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that go straight from the plant to your plate. If you want to follow a raw food diet, below are examples of unprocessed raw foods. - Fresh fruits and vegetables – Beans - Nuts Seeds (raw cacao nibs, raw pistachios, raw almonds and etc) - Seaweed - Whole grains - Spices and natural herbs - Dried fruits (organic goji berries, raw mulberries, raw golden berries and etc) - Purified water If you want to try out a raw food diet, you should get used to special techniques used for the preparation of raw food, such as: chopping, blending, dehydrating, straining, peeling or sprouting, in order to create delicious meals every day. This way you can add some variety to your daily meals and make them more digestible for your stomach. Many raw foods are raw vegans as well, although some people consume eggs and cheese made out of raw milk. It's also important to pay attention to avoid nutritional deficiencies such as calcium, iron, B2 or proteins. Therefore, in similar cases, you will have to supplement your body with elementary vitamins and nutrients to maintain the healthy balance of your organism and feel energetic every day.
Consuming a high raw diet does many amazing benefits for your body. When you eat food high in nutrients your body is clean and your hunger usually decreases as well as your craving for "unhealthy" or "bad foods".
The raw organic food diet is a diet based on unprocessed and uncooked plant foods, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouts, seeds, nuts, grains, beans, nuts, dried fruit (goji berries, mulberries and etc), and seaweed. Heating food above 116 degrees F is believed to destroy nutrients, enzymes in food that can assist in the digestion and absorption of food. Cooking is also thought to diminish the nutritional value and "life" of food. Raw foodists believe that if you consume mainly uncooked foods you will achieve significant desirable weight loss and weight stability, also you will not put the weight back on. They also believe that a raw organic food diet enhances your body's ability to prevent and fight diseases, especially chronic diseases.
Following a diet based on the benefits of raw food is an excellent way to lose weight in a natural way and it will also help you to improve your health. It is not only important that you eat it; you must know what the benefits of a raw food diet. The raw food diet contains much fewer trans fat and saturated fat than the typical diet. It is also low in sodium and high in potassium, magnesium, folate, fiber and health-promoting plant chemicals called phytochemicals.
Pros and Cons of a raw food diet are:
Pros: much better skin, more energy, weight loss, sustained weight loss, better blood test results (cholesterol and lipid levels)
Cons: requires a lot of organization, motivation, can be difficult to keep it up, especially when going out to eat, requires a lot of preparation
The diet and lifestyle choices you are confronting today are much more than just good ideas you read about in some book -- you are choosing to increase your life energy or choosing to ignore it. So don't waste your food, yourself, and the planet by cooking what you eat. Fruits, nuts, and vegetables which are whole, fresh and raw are have the ability to transmit their life nutrients directly to you.
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