Thursday, December 13, 2012

Laser hair loss treatment- a way to fight with hair loss problem

Hair enhances the beauty of a person. Not just women but even men have become very concerned about their hair. Though 50% of all men and 40% of women till the age of 50 yrs experience some kind of hair loss. 100-125 hair fall per day is normal. But if the the number increases, its definitely a sign of threat.
There is considered two type of hair loss:-
Anagen Effluvium- Internally administered medication is the basic cause. Chemotherapy is the basic reason which poison the growth of the hair follicle.
Telogen Effluvium – The growing number of hair follicles enters the resting stage.
But not to worry, our clinic provides thesolution for all type of hair loss.
Dr. Simal Soin, the dermatologist of the same clinic offers 'customized hair loss treatment' to prevent hair loss, problem of thin hair and thus improves the quality of hair.
Each patient is deeply examined by undertaking his detailed medical history and examination to know the reasons of hair loss.
Mesohair and laser hair treatment, Laser Hair Treatment with Nanotechnology are the two types of treatment.
Mesohair and laser hair treatment was developedin 1972 by Michael, a French physician. It prevents the falling of hair and promotes its growth by a medication process directly effecting hair follicles. The therapy includes painless injections which improves the blood circulation in the scalp. The effective and long lasting result can easily be seen after 12 sessions of mesohair and laser hair treatment given at weekly intervals.
Laser Hair Loss Treatment with Nanotechnology is a drug free hair loss treatment which gives an effective, comfortable and safe hair loss treatment. It provides nutrition to the hair which improves the quality of the hair and thus density.
There are devices for laser therapy that stimulate hair growth and is considered as an effective technology in the world.
Other then these methods, a healthy balanced diet, avoiding taking tension and stress, meditation, exercise can also lead to positive results. Proper handing and care is required to avoid any kind of damage and threat of hair loss. Tight hairstyles such as cornrows, buds, braids, playing with hairs should be avoided. Wrong diet, smoking, contact with chlorinated water also leads to hair loss.
One can even go for counseling and alignment for the treatment plan. Hair transplants, wigs and hairpieces are suggested for permanent hair loss. We have specialization in treatment for hair and scalp disorder. The clinic is well trusted and is giving effective result. We provide advanced medical evaluation and proper treatment for best results and satisfying the clients.
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