Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions You Should Never Make

 It’s New Year and you’re going to be slim, sober and super healthy for the life…. or are you? Don’t despair if your good intentions falter by 31 January- most of them probably weren’t that realistic anyway. So why not make it this year’s resolution to never make one of these!

I’ll give up chocolate for good.
Saying you’ll never eat something will make you crave it! So the next time you’re stressed, chocolate could be the first thing you reach for. It’s fine to eat it but in moderation – just these pieces can raise level of tranquility.
I’ll go to the gym regularly.
There’s no point forcing yourself to go if you hate it because you’ll only give up. Doing  something you enjoy is the key. Try different activities such as walking, skipping and cycling.

I’ll cook proper meals every night.
You don’t have to sit down to a hot meal to get your nutrients – experts agree that a sandwich made  from whole grain bread plus salad or a bowl of high fibre cereal with fruit and milk can be just as good for you. According to the medical research council, eating whole grains regularly can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers by up to 30 per cent.  

I’m going to lose a stone by the end of January.
This is setting yourself up for disappointment. Losing weight very quickly means you’ll put it all back on just as fast. It’s better to aim for slow, steady losses of 1-2lb a week by eating a healthy diet and exercising more. Starving yourself may give quick results, but won’t last.
I won’t let PMS get the better of me.
Instead of trying to control yourself, manage your diet. PMS can be caused or made worse by foods   that are high in saturated fat, which can prompt the body to produce too much oestrogen. The most important aspect of minimizing PMS symptoms is controlling blood sugar. When you’re premenstrual, cut down on sugar and eat little and often, basing meals around carbohydrates such as potatoes and pasta.  

I’ll give up snacking.
Most people get hungry every few hours and depriving yourself of snacks may deplete your body of vital nutrients such as iron, magnesium and B vitamins, leaving you feeling irritable, lethargic and hungry. It’s fine to snack, but go for healthy nibbles, such as fruit or yoghurt instead of fatty options.  

I’ll do 100 sit-ups a day to get a flat tummy.
This simply won’t work. Tummy muscles are like any other muscles and grow bigger with exercise, so doing sit-ups alone, without continues aerobic exercise, will give you a thicker waistline. Instead of sit-ups, set small targets each week to reduce your overall body fat and do some form of aerobic exercise regularly.

I’ll stop buying things I don’t need.
It’s good to treat yourself to a new lipstick, outfit, hairdo or holiday, and going without things you want means life will lack that vital feel good factor. When you’re working hard and meeting your financial responsibilities, it’s important to have the odd treat – it shows you value yourself. If you don’t have yourself, others won’t value you either.

I’ll never shout at my family again.
Losing your temper is natural. We’re programmed to make mistakes, so try to accept yourself as a fallible human being.

I’ll be more organized.
There’s nothing wrong with being organized, but do it to avoid stress and not to put pressure on yourself to get things done. Follow these golden rules: don’t put things off, work at your own pace and don’t aim for perfection.

I will get thinner thighs.
If you focus on just one area of your body, you may end up losing weight all over, but fail to notice the great results you’ve achieved, stop worrying about achieving a physical change in one place and concentrate on your overall health and fitness.

I’ll only buy fresh food.
This is unrealistic, especially if you have a hungry family! And consider that vegetables which are frozen straight after being picked retain their nutrients and are often healthier than ‘old’ fresh vegetables.

I’ll be in bed by 10pm every night.
A study at the University of California showed that people who stayed up until 3am when they usually went to bed at 11pm, suffered reduced immunity. But according to some sleep experts an early night doesn’t suit everyone. Sticking to a regular bedtime is the best way to ensure you sleep well.

I’ll give up all my bad habits at once.
You’ll have more success if you focus on one at a time. Chronic bad habits can be the result of low self-esteem. Breaking any habit is hard. First try to identify the triggers – for example, you may associate coffee with having a cigarette. Recognizing what causes bad habits will help you tackle them.

I’ll think positive all the time.
Suppressing negative emotions isn’t healthy. To let go of negative emotions, you have to experience them. Write down how you feel and discuss it with others, this is a good way of checking that emotions like anger aren’t covering up other issues such sadness.

I’ll exercise for 30 minutes every day.
If you’re tired or short of time, it’s easy to put off working out. Even if the only exercise you do is running upstairs to get a book before slumping in front of the TV, it’s still a small step towards creating an exercise mentally.

I’ll keep in touch with all my friends.
Accept there are different levels of friendship: you may only have one or two close friends and lots of acquaintances. Make sure you are getting what you want from a friendship: if you’re doing all the giving, it may be time to call it a day. But if you want to keep in touch, it’s easy to email or text without spending hours over coffee.

I’ll do more for others.
You may aspire to be more active. Do less and rest more.

Hope all the viewers like my article :-) Happy New Year to all
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