Thursday, December 13, 2012

Effective treatment techniques for skin cancer disease

Around one million of new cases are found each year for skin cancer disease and patients suffering from this ailment are seeking best treatment, care and attention to lead a normal life. Skin cancer is the most common type of malignant disease which has affected millions of people around the world. The disease occurs when cells divide abnormally and forms a big mass called tumor which contains malignant properties and can grow to other parts of the body in advanced stage. The most common and warning signs of skin cancer are changes in color of the skin and increased size of the cells which produce pain.
The main cause of this ailment is high exposure to sun light and carcinogenic elements. The treatment forskin malignancy is carried out in world-class cancer care clinics under guidance of experienced medical specialist who give advice for Skin cancer treatment according to types of skin cancer disease. There are three types of skin cancer which are Basal cell carcinoma, Squoamous Cell Carcinoma and Melanoma. Melanoma is the advanced stage of skin malignancy ailment which can spread to other parts of the body very quickly.
Some popular Skin cancer treatment
Dermatologists use this method to get successful result. In this method, basal cell carcinoma is scooped out using spoon like equipment called curette.
This is another successful method in which electric current is used to kill cancerous cells. This healing technique is best used for small cancers in crucial areas.
Surgery is the most common type of healing method for Skin cancer treatment which is carried out bycomplete removal of affected area in skin. Surgery can be more effective if the cancerous areas are cut at the early stage of skin cancer.
Radio therapy
Oncologists use radiation therapy from many years which is carried out by external beam therapy and internal beam therapy. In this method, beam is implemented on malignant tissues or cells to stop division of irregular cells.
This method has been successful for various types of skin cancer. In this technique, affected malignant areas are cooled to very low temperature, and then these parts are frozen and killed with help of liquid nitrogen. Depending upon the size and type of cancerous cells, this treatment is repeated in a number of times.
Laser therapy
It is another popular and effective method for Skin cancer treatment which has been successful from many years. In this innovative technique, highly energetic laser beam is used to kill the affected cancerous areas. This therapy is used when cancer cells are not reached to the deeper sides of skin.
Mohs Surgery
Mohs surgery is a famous surgical method which is used when doctors are not sure about the affected area, nature and depth of cancer in skin. In this technique, affected parts are removed with the help of surgery method. Mohs surgery is a complex process in which layers of tissues are removed with the help of microscopic study. This method is more successful for a big tumor which is hard to treat.
Skin cancer must be diagnosed at early stage and treated in best world-class cancer care clinics with proper treatment, extra care and attention. Skin cancer treatment is used according to patient's health condition and the type of tumor.
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