Saturday, June 16, 2012

Grow Your Own Eyelashes - No Pills Required!

Heavy and extended eyelashes are back in fashion - its official! With the correct treatment and approach you can have your own thick, long lasting and natural looking eye lashes in approximately 8-12 weeks.
Did you ever have eyelashes that you were proud of? Or have they always been lacking in something from the beauty department? Are your eyelashes brittle, thin, too short and lacking that length and vitality that you think they should have?
You eyelashes are no different in terms of their life cycle to any other of your body hair. Hair follicles eventually die and so the eyelash will fall out and be replaced by a new lash. This is on ongoing life cycle that is the same for your eyebrows and the hair on your head or legs.
Thankfully this process is staggered over approximately 12 weeks and is ongoing and not a stop-start event. If it were, we would be hairless for a short period of time before the hair follicles replaced the dead hair. However, the process of hair replenishment may slow down as we age. Don't panic, you will not require the services of a magician to rescue your eyelashes!
I'm certain that you look after the hair on your head by applying treatments and conditioners to keep it looking healthy. The question is 'do you do the same for your eyelashes'? Probably not, and this is where the problem stems from. Eyelashes can become very brittle if they are not receiving the correct nutrients and conditioning care to make them strong.
The first and obvious advice would be to look after your body by feeding it plenty of vitamins and nutrients by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of water each day for essential hydration. This is not magic, you already knew that didn't you? Suffice to say that smoking and excessive alcohol consumption is not going to help. Your hair follicles for the eyelashes require oxygen which can be in short supply through the causes of smoking. Obviously try to avoid rubbing your eyes whenever possible.
The more chemicals that you apply to your eyes in the form of makeup will only result in de-conditioning and drying your eyelashes into a brittle consistency. You don't have to be a magician to realise this.Leaving your makeup applied all night long is only going to exacerbate the problem. Most makeup removers contain conditioners so applying them to remove your makeup will have the added benefit of conditioning at the same time. Give your eyelashes a rest from the chemical bombardment of makeup by removing it before retiring to bed each evening.
Finding the correct product for your eyelashes might take some time and research on your behalf. Try to remember that product price does not translate to product quality or an instant magic fix. Don't get tempted by brand names. Investigate products that contain more conditioning agents than anything else such as colorants and chemical additives. With this in mind products such as those sold by the 'Body Shop' that are produced using only natural ingredients are the recommended choice.
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