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Hair Loss in Females - Causes and Advice

Hair loss is of great concern, particularly for females for whom beauty and personal appearance is understandably very important. The cause of hair loss can be attributed to many factors and finding the correct help and advice can be difficult and confusing. This article cannot offer a cure but can provide you with some food for thought on this distressing subject.
One can suffer from the affects of hair loss at any age, male or female. The cause can be attributed to a variety of factors including; vitamin and mineral deficiencies, hormonal fluctuations, stress, anxiety, alcohol, genetics, smoking and disease. Of all the causes stress and anxiety are said to be the most common. These are factors that can be treated immediately by some simple changes in life style.
A sporting activity is the best way to quickly alleviate the symptoms of stress. Take regular exercise at least 3-4 times per week for almost instant relief. Treat yourself to a massage in particular, an 'Indian Head' massage. Learn to relax with a good book in a peaceful and quiet environment. If at all possible try never to take your work home with you from the office - leave work at work! This is not rocket science, stress leads to anxiety and loss of sleep. Something has to change to break the cycle and a good sporting workout is usually the quickest fix.
Only a doctor can diagnose any vitamin or mineral deficiencies that you might be suffering from and if this is the case, don't head for a bottle or a packet of magic pills. Your local fruit and vegetable store is nature's own pharmacy and contains all the vitamins and minerals that you will ever need. Try to consume nothing but fruit each morning until midday. It you need something to 'pick at' then place a packet of grapes near to your working position. In the afternoon eat some slow release foods such as a banana or some oat biscuits. Rather than tea or coffee try to adapt to drinking hot water or hot milk. This is not easy at first but you will get used to it after time.
In women, the menopause causes fluctuations in hormone activity and is a very common cause of hair loss. The obvious symptoms of menopause such as stomach cramps, mood swings, insomnia and sickness will often mask the onset of hair loss. Have you noticed the extra hair pulled by your hair brush or the extra hair in the bath or on the pillow? This is not magic just the early signs to be aware of and if you identify them, don't panic all is not lost. Go to your doctor and he will try to help you identify the cause.
We are all more than aware that smoking and consuming too much alcohol is very bad for us. Although these activities seem like pleasures and a release from the stress of everyday life, the truth is quite the opposite. It is these very activities that are the cause of stress and anxiety! Smoking and drinking both serve to restrict the flow of blood around the body. The microscopic blood vessels that supply the magic oxygen to your body and thus enable it to function properly are being starved. The skin supporting your scalp requires this oxygen in order to feed the hair follicles. Can you see where this is going? Give you body a fighting chance, look after it and it will look after you.
There is a medical condition called hypothyroidism or low thyroid function which, can be a cause of hair loss and other medical conditions in both men and women. Consultation with a doctor and a medical specialist will be required to identify this condition. A simple blood test is all that is required and once indentified, treatment is usually in the form of medication.
Unless the cause of hair loss is a genetic condition, most causes can be identified and treated by life changes or medication. In extreme circumstances, hair transplant surgery is available but will be very expensive. You don't a magician to change your life, just take a few simple steps to improve it.
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